Boiler Repairs For Your Home

Shawnee Boiler RepairsIf you use a boiler as the main heat source in your Shawnee home, keeping it in great condition is a major priority for you as a homeowner. If any problems develop with your boiler, you’ll see a decrease in your home’s energy efficiency, which will raise your heating costs every month. And if the problems aren’t dealt with as quickly as possible, you’ll see a steady decline in the boiler’s efficiency, and you’ll also need more complicated and expensive repairs in the future.

At Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling, our HVAC Contractor can ensure that your boiler is always running as well and as efficiently as possible so that your home is warm and comfortable. Our Boiler Repair Service will do whatever it takes to keep you from having frustrating problems and needing more expensive repairs. We know that your boiler is an incredibly important part of your home, and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep it in the best condition possible.


Why Use a Boiler?

Although boilers aren’t used in most modern homes as a primary heat source, they are a very effective and efficient way to keep your home heated. Boilers can have a very long lifespan as well, as long as their properly maintained and receive all of the repairs that they need.

In order to keep your boiler effective, efficient, and in the best condition possible, our professional Heating Contractor recommends that you have a tune-up performed on the unit at least once every year. During our expert Boiler Repairs, our professionals will find any problems as soon as possible once they’ve developed, before they’re able to grow or spread. We’ll make sure that your boiler is kept efficient throughout the winter months.


Types of Boilers

The two main types of boilers are steam boilers and hot water boilers. Both of these function similarly, but there are a couple of key differences:

  • Hot water boilers work by heating water up. When the water reaches temperatures around 160°F, the boiler send it out to your radiators. When the water cools down again, it’s sent back to the boiler where it’s heated up again.
  • Steam boilers work similarly, but they are more complex. They heat water until it reaches the point where it becomes steam, then they send that steam out to your radiators. Once the temperature of the steam drops again, it turns back into water and is sent back to your boiler to be heated again.

Generally, steam boilers are considered less efficient that hot water boilers, and they are not typically found in modern homes. Often, steam boilers are converted to hot water boilers. Our heating technicians can repair either type of boiler in your home, and we can also help you convert a steam boiler to a hot water boiler if it’s necessary.

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