Professional Furnace Repairs

Furnace Repairs ShawneeIf your home’s main source of heat is your furnace, it’s extremely important that you keep it in excellent condition. Any problems that you have with your furnace could get rid of the comfort that you and your family rely on from your home—during the winter months, problems with your furnace could even be a health and safety issue. At Mike Bryant Heating & Cooling, we know how important your furnace is to your home, and how important heating is to your family, so we’ll always be ready and eager to identify and solve any problems as quickly as possible.

Our HVAC Contractor has years of experience working with all kinds and brands of furnaces, so we’ll be able to diagnose and eliminate problems quickly, getting your furnace back into working order so that your home can be warm and comfortable. We also know that expert Furnace Repairs can often be urgent, so we’ll always get them done as quickly as possible, but we’ll never sacrifice quality work in favor of a speedy job.


Common Problems with Furnaces

Any number of different things could go wrong with your furnace, but a few problems are much more common than others. Some of the most common problems homeowners encounter include:

  • Pilot Light or Ignition Problems – If your pilot light goes out frequently, your furnace my only produce heat intermittently, or it may not produce heat at all.
  • Dirty of Clogged Filters – If your filters aren’t cleaned or changed regularly, your energy efficiency will drop significantly, which will increase your heating costs, and your furnace won’t be able to heat your home well. Essentially, you’ll be paying more money for less heat.
  • Air Flow Problems – Whether air flow problems stem from belts, bearings, or fan motors, they’ll often result in your furnace overheating or in poor heating control.
  • Thermostat Malfunctions – If you thermostat isn’t working properly, you could have problems controlling the temperature of your home, and you may even end up without any heat at all.
  • Lack of Maintenance – Furnaces are almost always under a tremendous amount of stress, so they require frequent maintenance. They should be tuned up at least yearly; otherwise, you’ll see a huge decline in the quality of their performance. Without regular maintenance, you can expect to pay more for your Shawnee home’s heating costs, have a less comfortable home, and need frequent repairs performed.


Furnace Maintenance

The best way to save money on repairs and replacements for your furnace is to have it regular maintained. Our Heating Contractor recommends that your furnace is tuned up at least once a year, preferably just before the winter months begin. Our Furnace Maintenance will help you keep your furnace in excellent condition and as efficient as possible at all times.

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